Moonshot Recreation acknowledges that every site is unique and that the installation needs of every project can be different. The goal is to get the most for your park and playground dollar. We can guide you through the process and create destination play areas that best meet all of  your community’s needs.

Turn-Key Install

A turn-key installation means that Moonshot Recreation in partnership with our installation teams, handle the coordination, planning and professionally assembly and installation of your park and playground equipment.

Partial Install

The partial installation means that Moonshot Recreation coordinates laying out the equipment within the site, digging the footing and post holes, and in some cases; setting the posts. This makes the Community Build portion of the install simpler, more fun and efficient.

Community Build

Install your park or playground equipment as a community build project to save costs and foster relationships.Community build projects bring out the best in people. Not only are they building a community gathering space, but they’re helping build community, pride and a sense of ownership. Even more, these volunteers are helping the school or community save on installation costs.

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