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John Mark Stallings, SNAP (Special Needs Accessible Playground)

The John Mark Stallings, S.N.A.P. Playground in Hartselle, Alabama is a delight for children of all abilities. In 2006, the civic clubs of Hartselle (Civitan, Kiwanis, Lions and Rotary), in an unprecedented move, united to plan and develop a playground for physically challenged children in Morgan County. The playground is designed to accommodate the now-estimated 2,500 special-needs children and other children in the county. The overall objective of the project was to develop the “premier” special-needs playground in Alabama. Stimulate other communities across the nation to similarly recognize and accommodate such needs. Their goals were accomplished by selecting a variety of ground-level play events like the Sway-Fun Glider, OmniSpin, We-saw and Electronic Table Tennis (Pulse Tennis) and a ramped structure for kids in mobility devices to get to slide, spin, bounce and sway with friends and family.

406 Nance Ford Rd SW, Hartsell, AL 35640


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